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©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.See our YouTube Channel.©StephieMcCarthy.Vintage Fabric Labels, Video.....How to Make Victorian Gingerbread House Trim.How to Make Easy Realistic Rust with Ash Paint.How to Make Victorian Style Fretwork Gingerbread.How to Paint Faux Marble on Concrete..

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..©StephieMcCarthy.Concrete and Fabric Dye Sealer.Door Painted Designs Stephie McCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy...Gingerbread Door Trim.Gingerbread Fretwork from Scratch.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Rainbox Dec.Solar Lights on Vintage Sconces..Stove Paint..DIY white wash stone wall.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.

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Bark Texture from Caulk.Basket Waterproof Rustic.© Stephie McCarthy.Bee Skep by Stephie McCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Door Painted Designs Stephie McCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Color silk flowers with chalk.©StephieMcCarthy.Metallic Labels by Stephie McCarthy.Labels from Vintage Hankies.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Tart Pan Markers by Stephie McCarthy . Nest Ornament by Stephie McCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Roses tinted with food coloring...Seed Box Reproduction.Solar Lights in Vintage Sconces.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Toll Painting Tricks.Woven Obelisk tomato cage.DIY living topiary project.©StephieMcCarthy.Wall Decor from Playing Cards.Wicker Repair with Wax Paint.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.

• Angel, crystal embellished ornament
• Cat, painted felt ornament
• Choosing paint colors using Photoshop
• Lattice makeover — emerald green paint
Leaf gathering in Autumn
• Paint brushes, keeping them soft
• Porch, deck, balcony makeover — paint color wash
Repairing a log cabin and old stone walls, part 1
• Santa doll, mixed media
• Sweater makeovers
Wallpaper rescue
• Wicker bench with multi-colored acrylic paints

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garden talk

©StephieMcCarthy..©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.Microgreen Indoor Salad Garden. Plant Markers from Tart Pans.Tomato Cage Garden Obelisk.Painting Garden Containers by Stephie McCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy.©StephieMcCarthy..Planters Updated with Easy Faux Bark.Seed Box Reproduction.Strawberry Patch tips and tricks.©StephieMcCarthy

Better tomato harvests, September update
Green tomato roundup, Autumn
Herbs and flowers in Autumn bouquets
How to make a flower meadow, part 1, Autumn gardening
How to make a flower meadow, part 2, Autumn gardening
How to make a flower meadow, part 3, October 09
• Instant kitchen garden from grocery produce
Mini greenhouses from storage boxes
Pea sprouts, from seed to salad
Plant trays from inexpensive plastic shelving
Potato harvest, comparing grocery store and mail-order sprouters
• Red maple, how to grow an ornamental for free
• Snow sowing, seeds that love freezing temperatures
Starting a garden in early winter

Poppy collage


Recipe index

original recipes

• Crispy dried, marinated sage leaves
Broccoli antipasto
Cabbage "noodle" with pecan & parsley pesto
• Eggplant "bacon" chips
• Lime, avacado and hemp-seed sushi
Olive & kale pesto
Pea sprouts, from seed to salad
• Pickles, vinegar, dill, and mustard
Plum sauce with Asian seasonings
• Shiitake hot-pot soup
• Sprouts with nuts marinade
• Strawberry paste, vegan strawberry butter, plus recipes
• Sushi, citrus-lime, avacado, and hemp seed
Tomato confit, tomato jam
Tomatoes in "ranch" dressing
• Trail mix, sisters zucchini, peptia, sunflower, and corn
Watermelon "raisins" and chocoloate/carob cookie

tomato love

Artichoke purée
Broccoli walnut sauté

cooking index


• Cilantro juice and my Late-night cilantro ice
• Kefir water, Classic kefir tea and Fruit flavored variations
• Kombucha, caffeine free brewing leads to Classic kefir tea recipe
• Pink drink, beets, raspberries, watermelon, orange and banana
• Wheatgrass tea, green veggie tea with zucchini and wheatgrass


• Snow sorbet
• Watermelon "raisins" and chocoloate/carob cookie

Magic Pantry & holiday fun

tea index

• Blue days of winter, and how to help sparkle them away
Candle remedy for seasonal blues
• Cheesecake molds from recycled/repurposed containers
• Crystal ball for hand chakra massage
• Hot water bottles for winter nights
Trojan horse candy, maple syrup and baking soda
• Recycle plastic produce boxes for storage
Romaine lettuce tea — powerful, and calming
• Storage ideas, repurpose an icebucket
• Valentine's Day ideas we love


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