Make a Sad Window Cheerful Three Ways, Part 1

Easy Leaded Glass with Metal Tape!

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Take a look at leaded glass made without difficult cutting and soldering. It's tape!

We definitely plan to make more leaded windows around the old house using this fun product, Pebeo Vitrail Lead Tape (link below).


Here's where you can buy this wonderful tape online.

If you've been following our stone porch restoration, you might remember this sad window in the center of the back wall.


Removing the crusty air conditioner took almost two hours!

We cheered this sad window three ways. Part one is the leaded glass effect with metal tape by Pebeo (Pay-Bay-O)

The company that makes this wonderful tape also makes premium glass paints, but we love this even plain! We plan to make stained, bevelled, and frosted glass effects soon enough.


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Step 1, Measuring for the Design

Measure your panes very carefully and allow for caulk around the edges if you will be using it. We taped paper to the windows to fit, then we measured the paper at our desk (it was easier that way).

The tape is scored in the center so you can cut it from 1/4" to 1/8th in width. We used both widths in creating our design.


Step 2, Make a Pattern

We used the 1/4" width to make borders and brace effects (shown in green). We used the 1/8th width for the rest of our design (shown in pink). We spent a lot of time deciding on the pattern. Getting it right took longer than applying the tape!


Working on graph paper or a grid in a digital drawing program helps a great deal. If you don't have a drawing program, this transparent graph paper may help you with the design phase.


Step 3

We taped our patterns to the inside of the window and put the lead on the outside. You can also put the lead inside if you like. For hard to reach windows, we plan to work on new glass and mount it on the inside of the house, flush with the original window.

The tape comes with a plastic burnishing tool. You'll also need scissors and a craft knife.



Step 4

If you're using 1/8th widths, divide the tape first, in managable lengths. It will curl like mad!


Step 5

Straighten the lead strips with the burnishing tool, before measuring.


Step 6

We used the knife point to help remove the backing.

Prick the backing to pull it away from the lead, then it comes away easily.

We were clumsy with the tape at first, but within 10 minutes we were confident with how it would look and found it very easy to create our simple design.


Step 7

Cut straightened pieces to fit, remove the backing, place on the glass to align with the design, and burnish!

The tape sticks to itself very well and looks like soldered joints so there is no need to cut miters, unless you want to. It looks very good where it overlaps and intersects.

It was super fun removing the pattern and looking through the leaded glass window the first time!

Time to start on the upper pane.

The lead design looks very charming from inside too!

We've got two more wonderful ways to make this window even more cheerful!

We think you're going to LOVE the overall design! See you again soon!


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