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Watch video how to antique stove mantel and hearth

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Bringing New Life to a Stove, Mantel
and Hearth

by Stephie McCarthy

This is the room at the old house where we
get away from demolition and sawdust, with
a feature wall, carved mantel and gas stove.

Victorian fireplace decor

But it didn't start out this pretty!

Painting a ventless gas stove

The room was pink and lime green. The fireplace was bricked
with grimey concrete patches. But we saw the potential
and added this cute gas stove from Harbor Freight.

Painting a fireplace wall

This type of stove needs no vent because it's efficient with fuel.
They can be very inexpensive, and come in charming styles.
We kept ours safe while we changed the pink walls to
a creamy butter color.

before and after mantel colors

On the left was the lime green mantel that almost fit …
now we've got it looking good.

restoring a fireplace wall

We tried this heavier mantel, but it was a poor fit
and got moved into storage to be used later in the kitchen.

New colors for antique woodwork

We mixed this raw honey color from leftover paints
and boosted the mantel on either side with concrete
pavers from HomeDepot to give room for the
stove beneath. The pavers are about 11" x 14".
We used four all together, two on each side.

Lilacs on a fireplace screen

These were early days before we knew about chalk paint.
This paint transformation was done with latex.

Embellishing a fireplace mantel

We used ordinary craft paints to embellish the carvings
in turquoise and gold. The trick was to be random with
the turquoise, as long as it was on the carved areas.

Painting bricks and concrete with wood stain

Here's a closeup of how we boosted the mantel with
concrete pavers. You can make anything work, if you try.
We staggered these so that the bottom one was out
by about an inch and the top was against the wall.
These were dull concrete pavers that we transformed
with ordinary wood stain.

Restoring the Brick Hearth

stain bricks with wood stain

Yes! Wood stain on concrete, mortar and brick … a trick
we learned on a concrete and hypertufa forum, long ago.

bring life to bricks with wood stain

Be sure to test wood stains in an obscure area to see
how it will look on your bricks. They can be very unique.

Buy MinWax on Amazon

We colored the grout as well. You could use
white chalk paint for grout, but we prefer brown.
Now these bricks are so easy to clean. Wood stain
brought back the life and glow!

Painting the Gas Stove

How to paint your gas stove

StoveBright paint was a great find! Just look at all those
magical colors. Imagine a stove in Green Illusion or Copper!
You can paint so many things with StoveBright. It
is a quality paint with great coverage in a spray can.
You can also find it in brush-on liquid.

StoveBright paint on a gas stove

After masking the firebox and brass handle, we had the flat
black finish converted to a warm chocolate shade in no time!

Buy StoveBright Paint on Amazon

It was a bit scary at first, we admit. But the spray was so
smooth and rich, we will definitely find other uses for
these marvelous colors.

gold leaf paint on a gas stove

The gold embellishments were equally easy to do. We applied it
with a small, disposable brush. The heat of the flame has
never discolored the gold finish. Beautiful golden warmth!

Buy Liquid Leaf on Amazon

For your most important projects, be sure and use a
very good gold paint (not acrylic) like Liquid Leaf
and you'll be very happy with the results.

Painting a mantel in antique colors

Happiness is a place, no matter how small, where you can
express yourself, relax, and feel restored.

painting a gas stove in new colors

Warmth makes all the difference!

Watch how to paint a gas stove on HomeTalk

Click to watch this video on HomeTalk

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