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Learning to Drive a Boom Lift

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wwatch how to drive a boom lift, #isaboomliftsafe

Have you ever wondered if a boom lift is safe?

Or ... is a boom lift expensive?


A boom lift is great deal safer than a ladder when working overhead, especially if used with care.

how much does it cost to rent a boom lift

It is expensive too.

We rented ours for about $700 a day, delivered, and including fuel. If you are good at working a boom lift, you can shut it off when it is in position and save a good chunk of money.

Does a boom lift tip over?

If that sounds easy, it wasn't for me. Getting the hang of starting the beast was my first hurdle. My JLG Articulated Lift had a 2-step ignition. I had to learn to pull the red knob up firmly until it snapped and the lights and 'beep' alert sounded. Next, push the power switch toward the engine to hear the engine roar.

Learning to work a boom lift

Every boom lift model has a different control panel, and every boom has a history. Some squeak and most are encrusted with colorful spatters of paint. But ALL should have the turtle and hare symbols. Look closely and you'll see the snail too. Needless to say, I never moved the controls from the slowest settings.

Is a boom lift safe?

The pedal is like a clutch that must be engaged before moving the arm of the boom lift. The engine should 'rev' when you step on it. If it doesn't. Release the pedal and try again.

Boom lifts and electric power lines

We had our electricity turned off before using the boom lift. Engineers moved our cable to the pole so there was no chance of touching it. The customer service has been wonderful from the rental company and the power company.

Never work around live power lines on a boom lift. Stay ten feet away from power lines, at least.

How to rent a boom lift

A boom lift bounces and sways. It's like walking on a waterbed while trying to work!

It takes practice to level the platform in the air, but walking on a moving surface is something you either can, or can't do.

Working around power lines

These other cables to the house were not dangerous or alive (old data lines), but they did present an obstacle. The articulated arm of the boom lift allowed me to work around them, along with using an extension pole on my paint roller.

Does a boom lift tip

Organization and being a safety nerd helped me learn to operate a boom lift. These small bungee cords held my work bag in place. Lots of boxes kept my and supplies from getting underfoot.

— check the price of small bungee cords here —

Check the Price of Ball Bungees

My equipment included a harness bought at HomeDepot, along with the rope that is attached to the lift. The higher you go, the more vital safety will be.

where to buy a safety harness

I also used tool tethers for my hammer and my nail gun.

check the price of tool tether

More Safety on a Boom Lift

• Renting from a reliable company means the equipment has a current safety inspection
• A professional showed me where to park my boom lift
• It is safer for the platform to point up a small slope, rather than down
• I worked closer to the ground when learning
• I focused on my work and tried not to look down!

How much does it cost to rent a boom lift

... and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. I love this old house.

How to rent a boom lift

If you love your house or want to save a bundle fixing your property ... and you're a well organized, safety nerd like me, a boom lift may fit your plans. Begin by researching rental companies and learning as much as you can.

Use a boom lift at your own risk, but if you use one, I hope you have as much fun as I do!

— You can see my short video here —

wwatch how to drive a boom lift, #isaboomliftsafe



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