Mouse playing flute by Stephie McCarthy

My Cottage Makeover

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Lunch break!

How to Faux Paint Realistic Brick

The West Side of the Cottage (that's me in the window reflection).

Tricks for Painting Faux Bricks

Before …

Painting Realistic Brick Panels

Closeup of stencil

Painting Graphics on Brick

I made the stencil by enlarging a vintage illustration of a cat.

How to Make a Stencil from Vintage Graphics

Closeup detail of faux bricks.

Closeup of Faux Bricks

Filling in the bricks on the left, but mostly completed on the right.

Painting Faux Brick She Shed

I keep my colors in boxes like these so they can be sealed for days.

Faux Painting Techniques for Brick Work

A snow day.

Faux Brick for Outside Buildings

The fun begins!

We'll add a link here for the Hometalk video and
and the next phase of the project.

Fingers crossed, this will be so good.

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