Blue-Green, Barnwood Porch Ceiling

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Our gingerbread porch has a ceiling that's a beautiful copper blue-green.
You could call it sea green, Turkish Blue, 'Haint blue' — but stormier and said to keep negative energy away.

Here's how the ceiling looks now, above. And below, how the ceiling looked after the lath was taken down and the roof repaired.

You can see test patches of color. It took many days to choose the exact shade of blue-green.

Finding the right wood took time too. Finally we found our 5-1/2" x 6' x 1/4" planks at Lowes®. It's called stone-washed barnwood and it was about six dollars per board.

Barnwood Lowes

It's light weight and easy to cut as well.

Barnwood DIY

We chopped it to size with a miter saw and used a small coping saw where ever we needed to fit around columns.


Once we confirmed the color, we painted all the planks in advance. Here's how we started:

We mixed our custom color from Kilz® Complete Primer and Paint in One, plus Waverly® chalk paint. But you need not mix your own …

There are many great paint companies and tints from which to choose. Here are just a few above.


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Another way to refine your color choice for paint is to use a photo editing program. We brought a photo of our porch into Photoshop, then used a digital brush to paint a new layer representing the new ceiling. Making the layer a bit transparent adds texture. PicMonkey® controls are shown on the left, Photoshop® tools on the right. These type of sliders let you change the color and brightness easily on a layer to play with color ideas. Use any photo editing program you like.

Or, go to paint companies online and use virtual rooms to try different colors. The site is shown below. They offer 700 shades and eight-ounce sample sizes. Choose a color and "visualize" it painted on a virtual room.

Back to the ceiling!

Once our wood was cut and painted, we made sure the first board we nailed was as straight as we could manage.

The rest of the boards were easy to align, afterward.

You can also use this type of painted barnwood over drywall. You need only find the studs where you will nail.

scaffolds for safety

Our scaffold was purchased from CraigsList for $300. It's much safer than ladders and takes just two minutes to assemble. When you work on a ceiling, proceed at your own risk. We always use scaffolding when working overhead.

How do you like the light fixture? It's an upside down table lamp and the star of our upcoming feature on how to make a pendant lamp from a thrifted table lamp.

We love it and hope you will too!

What's not to love with crystals!

See Part One of the Porch Renovation VIDEO LINK

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