No-calorie, eco-friendly, sweetness for Valentine's Day...

Creative ideas to celebrate a season of LOVE:

Valentine Girl


Valentine in Frame*Frame a beautiful Valentine's Day card, or multiple cards in a montage style frame. Heart cards look amazing, especially when glittered or embossed. It's an affordable way to give art, instead of as a card or photo...a beautiful card will both FEEL and look goods as they are printed on very nice paper. Lots of frame choices, but we especially like "baroque" golds with lots of detail. (Secret: You could add your own glitter too if you crave sparkle, but limit to a special detail here or there). Add your love letter and signature on the back.


Rose Heart Wreath


*Consider this GREEN idea for a foral gifts: EVERLASTINGS. Spring flowers can be dried for crafts. Pansies, violets ... Check local florists, or you can buy ready made EVERLASTING bouquets on Etsy or William S0noma Home ...

Dry hydrangea

*More green ideas: give pink or red flower seeds in a sweet card; living plant that will refresh the air in your loved-one's office; a wheatgrass tray that is loved by cats; floral-themed decor on recycled metal, as shown below, which can hide a canning jar with a fresh bouquet.

Floral Pitcher by RAZ

*Charm me with silver! Give an affordable silver or crystal charm for a bracelets or necklace (charm necklaces are what I have), or silver bookmark for book lovers, engraved silver perfume holder, or silver hair barrette. Silver is very affordable for small items, and makes for a perfect keepsake. The necklace below is

Charm necklace

* A fun way to wrap jewelry gifts is inside a fuzzy, over-the-top pair of colorful socks. Think violet cashmere!
Heart of wood*Crafters, make a token Valentine/keepsake ... paint and stamp on heart-shaped wood from the crafts store, you can pen your initials or message on the back. Tint the whole thing with "stain" of water and paint and when dry, stamp-art in dark colors, plus "white out" details. (the lovely thing is to make more than one).

Body Oil Candle

*Light a beautiful candle, this one makes massage oil as it melts.

*For Valentine's Day (or our nearest day off!) will be spent walking and holding hands somewhere beautiful in the Blue Ridge Mountains.



I would love to hear YOUR Valentine healthy food ideas,
I promise I will read your mail, truly, my love!

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Some side dish ideas:

— Roasted garlic and artichoke soup,
Dried leek and eggplant crispy bits
— Yellow and red pepper salad on the freshest greens we can find,
with a sweet vinaigrette
(I'm picturing finely minced peppers for a really pretty presentation).
— Apple ginger granita
— Yellow-tail sashimi with wasabi, or smoked salmon fruit plate, with brown rice and fresh watercress ~ we have a great sushi shop at the Martin`s grocery store 30 minutes away.

green heart

Dessert Course

— Champagne and berry liqueur
— Heart shaped "ice cream" sandwiches ...

quilted heart


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