Sparkling ways to lighten the seasonal blues

INow the nights grow colder and there are wet days when the clouds cover the sun, reminding me of some favorite things to chase the seasonal blues, as we say goodbye to summer ...


1) Beautiful crystal salt lamp on a timer can be programmed to glow like sunrise before you wake. Warmed, these crystals release healing ions in the air. They come in many shapes, are tinted rosy pinks, golds, and ambers, and look amazing in groups. 2) Fun string lights not just for Christmas trees. Use them to decorate, like many trendy restaurants do and they will cheer, warm, and brighten a dark corner of your home. 3) Spicy-hot foods with cayenne, garlic, horseradish, or classic mulling spices in natural apple cider, warm you from the inside out and scare away the flu. 4) Hot, steaming, lovely bath water with herbs, rose petals, and salts, or those precious oils you've been hoarding. 5) My favorite October beverage: a teaspoon of carob mixed into 1-1/2 cups sweet coconut milk, heated with a sachet of spice tea. Positively addicting on a cold October days. 6) A classic with a twist, bright purple hot water bottle seen on eBay. I use two hot water bottles every night, one for upper body and one for feet. I even keep one on my lap at work sometimes, unless a warm kitten is handy, and the days seem a lot less gray.

............Smokey basket

candle lantern

I also light candles in my blue glass lantern and bring in flame colored flowers before the frost, which never fail to brighten dark days. A friend of mine with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) cheers her home in Autumn with kerosene lanterns (read more about that here).