Crispy sage leaves dried with oil and spices

AsageA lady who grows sage invites good luck, and no wonder. Sage purifies, clears negative emotional energy, and nurtures beauty and long life.

sageRaw sage leaves are leathery, but dry them with a bit of spice and oil, and you will be tempted to add these lovelies to everything.

To make crispy sage leaves with oil and spices

• Gather tips of sage bushes and small tender leaves, wipe with damp towel

• Soak leaves in a bowl of good vinegar for 30 minutes; I use rice vinegar, but apple cider and white wine would also be good. Save the vinegar for another use.

• Pat leaves dry and rub with olive oil on all sides

• Arrange on parchment and sprinkle with cumin powder and a little salt, and other seasonings as desired. The salt flavor will intensify as leaves dry.

• Fold the parchment to keep the sage leaves flat, and dry between two screens in a commercial dryer, OR dehydrate for in a warm oven until crispy.

squash blossom

Squash blossoms with potato-nut cheese filling and Sage crisps

More uses for crispy dried marinated sage leaves.

These are delicious with stuffed squash blossoms. Try with eggplant bacon chips.

Squash filling

I like to fill my squash flowers while they are still on the vine in the garden, wide open in the morning. Take with you a plate, scissors, spoons, and your filling. Fill an open blossom, cut about one inch down the stem, stack on a plate. Keep cool until meal time.

Blossoms are also sometimes available fresh at farmer's markets. You may be able to get them to open more if you put the stems in cool water.

Squash filling

If you are avoiding dairy or nuts, you can stuff squash blossoms with a rice dish.

More uses for dried-spiced sage crisps:

• with poached eggs
• with raw tuna and lemon tamari
• on sweet potato cakes or with roasted sweet potatoes
• top butternut or carrot soup
• as a garnish to white bean or hummus recipes

Medicinal sage

• Avoid eating large amounts of sage, especially if you are pregnant, because it can have a hallucinogenic effect or otherwise effect your nerves.

• Sage is astringent and has a bleaching agent. The raw leaves rubbed on teeth will whiten them, the juice will strengthen the gums. I found this really works, so I always plant sage near a doorway in case I'm inspired to do some natural tooth-whitening.

• A tea of sage is said to darken hair and also keep it from falling out, but being light haired, I've decided not to try this!


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