Recycle, re-purpose
Stackable storage for veggies

OOur supermarket sells plastic boxes of lettuce, peppers, and sprouts. The boxes are great for keeping the produce looking good, but we've found the vegetables and mushrooms sold without boxes have more flavor. Now we get the best of both worlds by using the old containers to store new produce which we grow, or buy from farmer's markets and grocery stores.

Veggie stack

The recycled boxes stack well, wash up easily, and come in oh-so-many sizes, plus they keep the fridge organized and produce fresher.

Stackable boxes for veggies

Lined with paper towels, which are later composted, our produce now lasts longer in boxes and we say goodbye to piles of wet plastic bags.

Shiitakes in storage box

And there's a little less plastic thrown away!

So good!


Wicker bench

wicker benchRevive a wicker bench with multi-colored acrylic paints. (read more)

Mini hothouse

Mini hothouse

Repurpose a storage container to make a mini-hothouse for tender garden plants. (read more)