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Three ways to keep paint brushes soft
(for water-based paints)


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Paint brush in pet milk can

After cleaning a paint brush (of any shape or size as long as it is water-based paint) …

• ... coat it with dish soap and let it dry bristle side up. The soap will keep the bristles soft.

• ... wrap brushes tightly tin foil so that they dry very slowly. Slow drying will keep the bristles soft. Press out the air, and make sure the shape matches the natural shape of the brush.

• ... do what I do -- both! Clean brushes, coat with dish soap, AND wrap in foil until needed.

How to preserve your paint brushes

• And, last but not least, AND this works for oil-based paints too, wrap brushes in lots of plastic to seal in paint odors and put them in the freezer until needed again. This will also work for rollers.

AND, a new method I learned recently but haven't yet tried: Murphy's Oil Soap®

• Also, to soften dried paint on a brush, soak in vinegar and gently scrub down the bristles with a nylon scrubbing brush.

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