Repurpose an ice bucket for
colorful storage & kitchen composting

TThey fit on counter tops and under cabinets, and come in endless unique styles which can be had for bargain prices at thrift sources. Ice buckets made of non-porous material clean easily, store kitchen waste for the garden, and de-clutter any number of little things. Just look at all these wonderful designs, seen here and there.


I have two modern, chrome buckets similar to number two. I use one for kitchen waste for garden composting, and the other to recycle paper towels for oiling wooden spoons. Now I have a soft spot for the white drum-design, number four, for a fabulous white kitchen. Just think of all the things these buckets could organize in any room.


wicker update

wicker benchRevive a wicker bench with multi-colored acrylic paints. (read more)

garden cloche

Mini hothouse

Repurpose a storage container to make a mini-hothouse for tender garden plants. (read more)

produce storage

produce storage

Recycle produce boxes for garden and farmer's market day.

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