Warm winter beds with hot water bottles

Recycle, re-purpose


GSleep warmer on dark winter nights with this old-fashioned cure for chilly bones.

Just before going to sleep, I fill recycled juice bottles with the hot tap water. During the coldest months, I put one near the foot of the bed, and most of the year, except the warmest days of summer, I keep one for my upper body. I believe they help me fall asleep faster. These toasty, mini reservoirs make for a blissfully warm bed, without resorting to heavy clothing which can be binding and make it difficult to sleep.

I always triple check that lids are tight and keep bottles covered all night so that the warmth lasts a long time. Mine are still a bit warm by morning.

I like one liter Bolthouse Farms Juice bottles for their sturdiness and smoothness. Detergent bottles can also last for years.

Kids love hot water bottles. We even have a cat—plump, white and cuddly— that likes to curl up with one every night.

Sweet dreams.

Sleep and dream