Pretty Spray Paint Tricks

Plastic Wall Clock, a Vintage Look with Spray Paint

Pretty Spray Paint Art Tricks

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We updated this large wall clock using spray paint (and a little Rub'N Buff).

How to antique effects with spray paint

The original design looks like an antique, but is made of plastic. We found it at Aldi's for about $25.

Antique effects with spray paint

Today, it looks like vintage enamel, complete with simulated rust and corrosion.

Vintage clock project


3M Vinyl Masking Tape on Curves

An indispensible part of this project was 3M Vinyl Tape. Marty O'Rourke at Oklahoma Street Machines on FaceBook recommended 3M Tape because it blocks paint, hugs curves, and pulls up without disturbing the edge.

Best masking tape for painting


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Best masking tape


First, we masked the edge of the face.

Using 3m vinyl masking tape

Next, we used some plastic sheeting, cut to fit, and using the same tape, attached it to the first layer of tape. Now we were ready to apply colors.

masking tape for curved surfaces


Choosing Vintage Colors

We sorted through our leftover spray colors and chose these for the project.

Spray painting fun

Rust-Oleum Textured paint was important for this project because we used it to create the effect of corrosion and rust.


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The Tamiya Color Translucent Orange is also great for rust and aging effect. We used just a touch along one edge of the clock.

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We used a black plastic flower pot to test colors and effects. We also tested the masking tape. We learned that the tape will pull off freshly applied colors because we did not use a bonding treatment first.

How to use masking tape for spray paint

But, we could see which colors suited our make over.

Step One

Spray painting techniques

Step 1, we covered the frame with Krylon 'Pistachio' purchased from Lowes.

Step Two

Step 2, we used a board to control the spray along the bottom using Rust-Oleum Ocean Mist.

Spray paint like a boss


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Step Three

Step 3, we used a disposable brush to apply Rub'N Buff Gold to a detail around the frame.

RubNBuff on thrift flips

We painted as neatly as we could but still made many goofs. Nevertheless, we'll be able to blend the gold into the green with faux rust and corrosion.


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How to Create Faux Rust and Corrosion with Spray Paint

We watched and learned from spray paint artists that it's possible to apply spray paint using your fingers. For this technique we wore plastic gloves and used a disposable tray.

Most of the rust effect was used with our Rust-Oleum Textured Spray in Brown

how to make rust effects easy


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how to make faux rust with spray paint


We sprayed our textured brown paint into the tray, then using our fingers, applied the paint where we wanted to simulate corrosion.

Antique and distress with spray paint

That's right! We applied this very durable paint by hand.

You can also use this technique to touch up your base colors (like pistachio green), if you miss a spot or find a flaw.

Rust effects with spray paint

Also, we found that WHITE spray paint dabbed on here and there, was great in simulating chipped and worn enamel.

Masking paint with plastic wrap

After our corrosion effect was dry, we used plastic wrap to create a quick mask.

Antiquing effects with translucent spray paint

This transparent orange paint by Tamiya Color was great used in a few spots to create the effect of aged metal. It was as if the clock once hung in a smoke-filled room.


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Finally, it was time to remove the masking (always a lot of fun).

Using 3M Vinyl masking tape

The 3M Vinyl Tape was easy to remove and did not allow the paint to bleed onto the glass. It also did not pull any of our paint around the inside edges.

We LOVE this tape and are already using it in more projects.

BUT, getting back to our magical clock ...

How to antique with spray paint applied by hand

Even after the masking is removed, we decided touse a bit of leaf green spray paint around the front edge. This was to emphasize the depth of the casing as it moves from light blue near the wall, to the leaf green in the front.

How to creat faux rust

The effect looks delicate and vintage and distracts from the plastic surface.

Vintage clock project

It can be scary repainting a favorite household object. Seriously, even for an 'expert' you never know when something can fail. But, with the help of good masking tape and disposable gloves for the hand-finished effects, we are happy with the results!

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