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How to

Decorate a Screen Curtain with
Appliqués and Ruffles

© Stephie McCarthy

Our screen curtain snaps shut with magnets
when our dog dashes through.
The bugs stay outside …

Decorate a Screen

… except for these fanciful bees!
This curtain was once plain with a hint of stripes … but now …

How to embellish a curtain screen

… it's a work of art with appliqués
held on with Aleene's fabric glue.
This project was fast and easy!
This is our view now as we walk through this screen.

Embellish a Screen

We used a total of eight bee patches … four on the front, and four
on the back. The bees and roses are symmetrical shapes
so they can be glued back-to-back with the
curtain between so that there is a mirror image of the
design on either side of the screen.

Screen door curtain art

Here's the outside view above with the bees and flowers
aligned so that you see a reverse of the design on this
side of the door. When choosing appliqués
for a transparent curtain, we recommend choosing
symmetrical elements so that you can do a two-sided design.

Appliques for curtain

There are such a lot of wonderful appliqués and trims available,
it will take longer to choose than to make this craft.
We used bee and flower appliques found on etsy
and you can also buys these on Amazon at
the link at the bottom of this post
• 100 ribbon roses, multicolored in two sizes, .5" and 1"
• 8 bee patches, approximately 2" across.
We used two types of fabric glue:
• Aleene's Fabric Fusion for the flat patches
• Aleene's Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric Glue
for the 3-dimensional roses.

Watch the video on how to embellish a screen curtain with appliques

see this project in action in a video on HomeTalk

Bee patch appliques for curtain

Aleene's Fabric Fusion was easy to spread on the flat
bee patches with a small paint brush. The glue dries fast, so the
paint brush hardened and got tossed afterwards.
Place half of your patches on the front of the curtain, then
match up the remaining patches on the back with more glue.

Bee Patch home decor

We used a second type of glue for the 3-dimensional roses.
Aleene's Super Fabric Adhesive has grabbing power. Dab a bit
on the appliqué, hold it in place for a few seconds and it stays!

Glue for Fabric Appliques

We also put matching roses on the opposite side of the screen.
The 3-dimensional effect as you walk through the screen
is charming!

How to trim a curtain screen

But … the bottom of the screen didn't quite reach
the threshold of the door.

Trim the bottom of a curtain screen

Adding ruffles from this thrifted skirt solved that problem.

Add ruffles to a screen curtain

We cut off the trim, then cut the trim in half leaving raw edges.
The skirt had some raw edges to begin with so did
not need additional hemming.

Ruffles on a screen curtain

Using a measuring tape, we marked the screen with pins
where the ruffles would be attached. We hand-stitched
the trim into place … Aleene's Super Adhesive would work as well.

Adding ruffles to a curtain screen

Now the door is much prettier we think!

Ruffles on the dog door

Don't you?

Bee and Clover by Stephie McCarthy

Here's where to find the supplies for this craft:

buy Aleene's Fabric Glue

Buy Aleene's Fabric Fusion

buy Ribbon Roses

buy bee patch applique

buy Magic Mesh Screen

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