Groovy purple porch

LLast summer I painted our aging deck with a conservative brown deck paint and it pretty much weathered away within the year, except on 90% of the railings.

This year, inspired by the emerald hills and blue skies, I used a vibrant lilac paint-wash and let the natural wood grain show through.

purple deck 1

Why fight the weathering of the sun and the rain? I can seal the paint, but I'd rather let Mother Nature collaborate with the finishing process by wearing off a bit of this gorgeous color to reveal some wood tones and textures.

This has been such an inspiring place to relax, watch the sunset and commune with flowers! This crazy color matches everything.

purple deck 2

How to put a color wash on a deck, fences, shed, or any weathered wood

To get this look use 50% latex, plus 50% water, and apply with a nylon brush. Choose a color that will compliment your surrounding landscape, and harmonize with natural wood colors wearing through. Scrape and sweep any debris before painting. Finish with a clear sealant for an even more durable finish, or opt to let Nature weather it away naturally, which is a look I love.

purple deck 3