Shabby chic porch lattice goes green

TThis lattice porch screen at the old house was weathered so badly, this almost looks like a black and white photo. But I have a soft spot for these quirky, shabby-chic creations so I decided to slather it with lots of love and a beautiful shade of green paint, rather than tear it down.

The old lattice porch screen

Most of the screen is now glossy emerald green. It's been 6 weeks of gradual work and I still have 30 more square feet to go!

I can already imagine the climbers and roses that will be planted in this corner.

Lattice painted emerald green

How do you like the groovy bunting I found in the old house that working as a drop cloth?

Lattice painted green

Got some help with the high-up stuff. Sweet!

MM painting lattice

Such a lot of lattice, it's part room ... part screen ... and now matches the view a lot better.

Lattice room

Lattice and flower