Paint a wicker bench with multi-colored acrylics

AWicker bench paintingAt first glance in the junk store, this bench looked bleak. Flaking paint, tattered cushions, and signs of mildew added up to a dismal picture. But the price, just $15 for the bench plus a matching table and two arm chairs, made the deal irresistible. I had in mind a vintage-look that would appear as if the colors had faded naturally over time. (I think it turned out great!)

How to:

Brush all surfaces with a stiff nylon brush (like a giant toothbrush). Wear eye protection when you brush chipping paint and work outdoors or over a drop cloth.

Use bright acrylic paints from tubes and a bit of water in a spray bottle to blend as needed. Scrub paint into the surface with 1-inch paint brushes, spraying often with water so that the result will be faded and well-blended. Leave plenty of the old wicker and original paint showing.

Don’t strive for a perfect finish. Pick out details by brushing on vivid hues here and there, then, when dry, go over it with a bright, durable, acrylic spray paint.

I used “Caribbean” colors: turquoise and cobalt from a tube, and lime in a spray can. Another color family might include baby blue, pink, magenta, or pale yellow. Choose colors that make you happy!

The top photo shows the finished color work, and as you go down the page the various stages, while the cats supervised. The bottom photo shows how a neon blue acrylic paint highlights a woven detail.