It's sweater weather!

Recycle, repurpose

TKnitting sheepCheck out these slap-dash short cuts to sweater making. Combine a pretty sweater vest and left-over yarn to make new sleeves, cuffs, embellishments—or even add a skirt for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind sweater dress. You'll be finished in half the time it takes to make a complete pattern.

Any knitting or crocheting technique can work for these easy add-ons. For example, use circular needles and pull up new stitches through the original piece; or knit pieces separately on a knitting machine or straight needles, and later sew them to the original garment by machine or by hand.

Make a vest into a cozy sweater dress —

Straight sleeves, knitted separately from wool remanents, are sewn inside the vest sleeves so that the original ribbing overlaps for a softened shoulder seam. Skirt, which can be straight or flaired, is also sewn on after being knitted by machine.

Sweater Dress make over


Make a pullover into a cool cotton, cable-knit—

Embellished with cable patterned sleeves. We used simple white cotton and circular needles. Cable knit ribbon was sewn on later by hand.

White pullover make overWhite pullover diagram


sweater dress

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