The art of leaf gathering

SSO EASY … embellishing blank books and favorite journals with Autumn leaves, pressed herbs, and flower petals. I've collected some really pretty leaves on walks and errands with a little advanced planning: find a blank book or journal and put it where you will grab it on your way outside.

Leaf Journal

Hard-cover blank books and journals work best for me, for on-the-run pressing. Later you can transfer your finds to phone books or old dictionaries after folding them in paper towels. I usually use phone books when I want a large quantify of pressed botanicals.

Even a parking lot can surprise you with amazing Autumn colors. My favorite Autumn leaf is heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica), which turns brilliant shades of tropical colors, corals, and even pink, when nights grow cold.

Here's what you can do with leaves, to name just a few crafts:

• Press leaves on top of your writing, and photograph for online journaling.

• Scan pressed leaves for photo and scrapbook crafts.

• Wax dried botanicals onto candles.

• Paint edges with real gold to use for framing or making gift cards

Collecting of leaves and ephemera