Halloween magic, quick dress-up
for mini-pumpkins

VA last minute, slap-dash, dollar store friendly craft. Very little work is needed to put together this project. To save time, use inexpensive headbands for the legs with pipe cleaners inside so that they can be bent and shaped.

Pumpkin dress up


Miniature pumpkins, melons or gourds — you can also use apples or other fruit
Fabric headbands for legs
Pipe cleaners, 10" lengths, 1 for legs, 2 for arms, 2 for hat band
Cotton stuffing, or batting
Yarn and farbric scraps, plus felt for hat brims
Flat foam, cardboard, or felt, for hand and feet
Needle and thread for finishing hats
Black and white acrylic paints for faces, and a small brush
Color ball or hat pins for attaching parts to fruit
Optional artificial flower petals and dried moss or flowers

To make legs:

Pants for pumpkinsCut open the headband at the seam. Cut off seam line altogether. Now the headband is a hollow tube. Insert a pipe cleaner through the band. Fold band at the center into a "V". Stuff a bit of cotton into each end of the band' to give the upper legs a bit of shape. You can leave the center of the band flat, since that will sit under the pumpkin. Roll up ends of headband to form pant cuffs.

Pull apart artificial flowers to release petals. Thread a few petals onto the ends of the pipe cleaners so that they are like ruffles above the ankles. Tuck them into the pants a bit so that they flair out above the ankles. Tie the ends of the pant legs above the cuff with a bit of thred thread and yarn bows. Bend the pipe cleaners inside the band to form knees and ankles. Cut feet or shoe shapes from flat foam, cardboard, or felt. Make a small hole in the heal area of each foot. Thread onto end of pipe cleaner legs, and bend to hold in place.

To make arms:

Twist two contrasting pipe cleaners together. Thread a flower petals onto the ends of the arms. Trim if the petals are too long. Cut hand shapes from flat foam, cardboard, or felt. Make a small hole in the wrist area of each hand. Thread onto the pipe cleaner arms, and bend to hold in place.

Arms Hands Feet

Arms hands

Twist the arms around the center of the finished pants so that they can be attached to the pumpkin on the bottom.

Arms and Legs

To make hat:

For the brim of hat, cut out a rough circle of felt. Fringe the circle by snipping randomly around the edges. Make a hole in the center if needed to fit around pumpkin stem. Crumple the hat brim for distressed effect.
For the top part of the hat, cut a half circle of fabric and roll into a cone shape, with the rounded edge at the bottom. Fold in raw edges of hat and whip stitch, adding a few flower petals at the point of the cone. Use contrasting thread and irregular stitches for extra detailing. Stitch the cone onto felt brim to form a sort of witch's hat. Twist two contrasting pipe cleaners together and apply as a hat band.

Hat brimHat topHat top 2



Paint mouth and eyes black and let dry. Paint teeth and whites of eyes with white paint, building it up to make them dimensional. Let dry. Add more black detailing on eyes and face as desired. Use hat pins to decorations to the fruit. When the season is over, you can save the decorations for next year and toss away the old pumpkins or fruit.

Painting faces


Here they are with the arms and legs pinned to the bottom and the hat pinned to the top. Bend those arms and legs however you like.