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Dragonfly © Stephie McCarthy

Painting Decorative Thrifted Glass, for Beginners

© Stephie McCarthy
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Watch how to paint vintage thrifted glass

This sweet Korean pressed glass bowl was out of sight before.

how to paint glass

Now it looks like Carnival Glass and is beautiful enough for holiday decorating.

Paint your own carnival glass

This is our favorite painted glass piece, so far, below. We love the sea glass greens mixed with tropical colors.

How to paint your own dishes

Before, it was hidden away in a closet.

DIY Glass Painting

Below is a dessert plate, before. We bought three of these for 99¢ each.

Beginners glass painting

We used Victorian stained glass colors, and a bit of chalk paint to look like gray lead.

How to use Pebeo Vitrail glass paint

The finished dessert plates will be combine on window glass to create a stained glass window in the cellar of a Victorian house.

How to make stained glass with paint

Because the glassware is painted on the outside and the bottom, it won't come into contact with food.

What is the best glass paint?

There's such a lot of pressed glass available on the second hand market for not a lot of money.

How to paint glass for beginners

Fine point brushes help stay within the lines of the design. We uses inexpensive brushes, then throw them away later.

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The bright colors of the glass paint are accented with gray chalk paint to look like lead accents.

Easy stained glass

We left some of the design clear to be filled with gray paint.

Victorian House stained glass

You can also use the painted glassware for storage of all kinds. I usually put my glasses in this dish below.

Making stained glass with old dishes

Make sure you paint the edges carefully for a finished look. Let the piece dry for at least 24 hours on a sheet of plastic wrap.

Easy Stained glass projects

Mixing the colors turned out to be wonderful! Here we are using sea glass green next to apple green for these leaves.

Best Glass Paint Products

We recommend working on a light table. They're not very expensive and usually run on USB power. We always cover ours with plastic wrap so it won't get splashed or dribbled with paint.

Using a Light table for glass painting

check the price of the light table here.

We also recommend wearing a mask when working with enamel paints. We found this wearable HEPA filter to wear under a heavier mask. It feeds fresh air into the mask and is much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Wearable HEPA filter mask

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Our favorite glass paint is Pebeo Vitrail from France. It's durable, permanent and looks like real stained glass when dry.

Testing glass paint

We test the colors on this spare piece of pressed glass before using it on a more expensive piece.

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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint for beginners

You can get a starter set of Pebeo Vitrail. We like to buy larger bottles now, and think the best prices is from DickBlick.com

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