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© Stephie McCarthy

How We Painted Our Rainbow Deck

© Stephie McCarthy

How to Rainbow Deck Video Link

Video Link

Our rainbow deck measures about 500 square feet.
This is one side …

Rainbow Painted Deck

It's every color of the rainbow.

There's nothing neutral about it!
And we've grown to enjoy it so much
we don't want it to wash away so have begun
covering it with leftover sealers and top coats.

Painting a deck with colorful latext paints

It is as colorful as a Unicorn's dreams.
But of course it wasn't always like this.

Using leftover paint for outdoor spaces

This deck is a fantasy space in progress.

Deck need refinishing

Originally this deck was gray, dull,
and starting to rot in one spot by the
back door.

Painting the deck in rainbow latext colors

We were nervous about that and tried all sorts of remedies.
In the meantime, we did all the right things like
cleaning the deck thoroughly and applying stains
and preservatives. Really tedious work!

(If you've ever refinished a deck, you're
probably not looking forward to doing it again!)

Painting a Deck, thinking outside the box

We found out that brown stain shows so much dirt!

Plus all that hard work fades away leaving
the your deck dry and gray once again. And,
our slimy spot remained no matter what.

Oops paint for a backyard deck

Then one summer we had an epiphany to make
the maintenance work more fun by using leftover
latex paints.

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Oops paint projects

In the beginning we used mostly blues and greens
blending the two with water and a brush.

Chippy paint photo backdrop

The outside of the deck is plain brown.
Just the inside has wild radiant colors.

Outdoor photograhy on painted deck

It's a private space no one really sees except for friends!

Photography outdoors on reclaimed wood

The colors make a marvelous back-drop
for photography with all the natural lighting.

Bold painted backyard decking

As time went by, we grew bolder and added
wild colors from small bottles of craft paint …

Abstract painting on a backyard deck

… then spatters and even metallic paint.

Faux recycled chippy wood

We learned to apply the colors with paint sticks
and scrapers. It's amazing how this
will mimic the look of chippy painted wood.

Fading paint on wood

Paint fades quickly in the rain, leaving just a few
traces here and there. It's an
ephermal thing outdoors, especially on
horizontal surfaces.

Making a chippy paint photo backdrop

But, now we are using our leftover sealers and
top coats to help the rainbows last longer.
Marine varnish is your best friend outdoors,
well worth the cost. But any sealer is better than none.

Colorful paints for an outdoor deck

And bonus! The paint reconditioned our wood and
healed the rotting spot! Acrylic is like a rejuvenator
to aging wood, plus the rainbows colors hide all
sorts of dirt that plain brown paint will show.

Rainbow colors on the old deck

Time lapse of the transformation.

You can also do this project on picnic tables,
benches, and wooden fences.
When you think about it, rainbows are ever so practical!

How to Paint a Bohemian Deck

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