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Coloring Keepsakes with Soft Pastels on Plaster, Stoneware, and Bisque

How we transformed thrift shop finds in an easy DIY

by © Stephie McCarthy

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watch how to color ceramics with soft pastels

We're using a new way to color with soft pastels. Our techniques started with tinting DIY plaster bunnies. They look so vintage, but cost so little!

DIY Chalkware

This coloring technique will works on many matte surfaces, like:

bisque ceramic example. stoneware example.air dry clay applique

Basically, chalks and pencils will work on any unglazed objects like those shown above, especially with the help of an artist's spray we used called Grumbacher (groom-bok-er) which we'll link to below.


We used the type of chalk that did not feel oily, also called soft pastels.

Artist Chalk for coloring Bisque and Plaster

Check the Price of Soft Pastels Here


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Coloring Resin figures with chalk and pencil

Coloring in progress!

How to Color Ceramics with Chalk and eyeshadow


See our tutorial on how to color silk flowers with chalk

Coloring faux flowers with chalk by Stephie McCarthy

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