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Making Cement Paint, Fixing Old Steps

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— watch the video here —

watch the video here

We made cement paint to fix our old steps after finding very little information about this online.

fixing broken concrete step risers

Cement paint was easy to make and surprisingly easy to work with.

mixing paint and cement

We think it did a great job improving the look of these steps.

Fixing concrete with cement paint

recipe for cement paint

R E C I P E :

The basic recipe is 5 cups CementAll.
Mix separately 1/2 cup of paint with 1 cup of water.
Add gradually to the dry mix, stirring to break up lumps.
Add one more 1/2 cup of water.
Stir to blend to paint milk shake consistency.

how to fix old concrete with cement paint

Wet the old surface with a spray bottle to help create a great bond.

To cover chips, we used a putty knife.

apply cement paint with putty knife

For smoother areas, we were able to resurface the steps with a paint brush.

applying cement paint with a paint brush

applying cement paint

applying cement paint

We recommend using masking tape and drop cloths because cement work is messy.

how to make cement paint

Pulling away the tape, and doing touch up sponge paining on the treads. To see our original post on how to sponge paint steps, click here.

Sponge painting old steps

Looking beautiful again.

repairing concrete with cement paint

— watch the video here —

See How We Repaired a Vintage Garden Statue

Add patina with cement and paint

Above is the restored statue. Below was how we found it, obscured with many layers of paint.

how to repair a sculpture with cement paint

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