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Glen Burnie by Stephie McCarthy

Making Cement Paint, Fixing a Garden Statue

© Stephie McCarthy
— watch the video here —

watch the video here

This beautiful statue of a boy on a turtle was $4.00 at a yard sale ...

making cement paint

... and it looked much different when we brought it home.

repairing a garden statue

We couldn't make out the little guy's face.

rescue a garden sculpture

But when this photo below uploaded to our computer and we saw his face for the first time, we realized he was smiling.
So cool and heart warming at the same time.

vintage garden statue

Much better now, don't you think? He seems to be pleased.

How to repair a garden statue

We didn't sacrifice a patina in this restoration. We created it with something we call 'cement paint.'

How we fix a yard sale statue

First we had to remove as much of the old paint as we could using a dental pick.
We were amazed at the details that were revealed.

how to paint an antique patina

We measured two tablespoons of RapidSet CementAll — we usually have this hand for many projects.

We broke the lumps before mixing in the liquids.

how to make cement paint

R E C I P E :

• Two tablespoons of CementAll
Mix separately one-part paint, to two-parts water. We used off-white chalk paint.
Add enough watered-down paint to dry mix to form a paint like consistency.

how to mix cement and paint

Cement paint covered the stubborn paint spots well and stayed workable much longer than plain cement.

If also helped repair cracks and holes and the cement mold seam which had weathered badly.

adding patina to garden statue

We used plain paint in muted browns and greens to accent recesses.

how to antique a garden statue

To soften the effect of plain paint, we dabbed cement paint on top to blend it back.

create a patina with cement paint

To counter the gritty cement finish, we scraped-applied plain white paint chalk paint using a small plastic knife.
This created smoother patches like the statue would have had when originally unmolded.

makeover a garden statue

Welcome home little boy!

vintage garden statue

Cement paint was easy to make and surprisingly easy to work with. We also used it to fix old steps.

Fixing Old Steps with Cement Paint

fixing broken concrete step risers

Check out the post for this steps project.

mixing paint and cement

Fixing concrete with cement paint

— watch the video for both cement paint projects here —


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