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castle by Stephie McCarthy

Building a Christmas Castle from Toy Blocks

© Stephie McCarthy
— watch the video here —

watch the video here

Our castle centerpiece was easy to building by using toy blocks.

How to build Santa's Castle for Christmas

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Christmas Castle project

We supplemented the 75 pieces with off-cut lumber scraps. We glued the pieces together with TiteBond Glue.

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The Santa was hard to find but a must for our castle. We finally used a gnome figurine from Michael's painted red and white.

Santa's Castle Centerpiece

Our castle sits on a foam circle and a flower pot so that we can change the greenery any time we like.

Christmas Centerpiece

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Our favorite detail are these small globe lights designed for balloon festivals. They are cordless and need no recharging. They lasted for months, getting a big dimmer every day.

Balloon Lights for decorating

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Be sure to watch the video for many more fun embellishments!

— watch the video here —

watch the video here

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