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Wall Decor from Game Playing Cards

© Stephie McCarthy

Watch the video how-to on HomeTalk:

Watch the video on HomeTalk

Years ago we framed these French fortune-telling cards.

DIY Wall Decor

Now we've learned that they are not just beautiful, but much more valuable than when we bought them. For $2 and a little time, we now have a $60 set and are glad to have them displayed under glass.

Easy Craft

Each of these are like works of art in themselves, and grouped together as a set they are eye catching!

Art from Playing Cards

This fun set of U.S. Presidents cards were just 99¢ at the thrift shop.

vintage DIY

They are reproductions of magnificent oil paintings.

How to frame cards

We chose nine of the cards to glue to heavy paper, large enough to fit into a matte and frame. We drew a right angle in one corner where we would glue the first card.

DIY wall decor

We use Elmer's rubber cement to glue the cards to the paper. It's acid free and could be removed later without too much fuss. We also use an acid and wrinkle free glue stick by Scotch. Using an X-acto blade, we slide a bit of the glue stick under the corners to make sure everything lies very flat.

Vintage playing card wall decor

These beautiful Latino Rummy cards really caught our eye with the pale green background and vivid colors.

DIY easy craft

It's like a game in itself arranging the cards to fit as well as possible into your frames and mattes.

How to frame vintage playing cards

We don't worry if they don't fit perfectly, so long as you like the paper underneath.

easy to make wall decor

These happened to fit very well and perhaps they will go up in value someday too. We think they will! But in the meantime, they are beautiful displayed as art.

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