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Restore Outdoor Wood with Artist Oil Paint

Bird Feeder Rescue
© Stephie McCarthy
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We rescued our old bird feeder using artist oil paints mixed with linseed oil.

Oil Paint Recipe for tinting outdoor wood:

1 part artist oil paint
4 parts linseed oil
2 parts odorless mineral spirits (optional)

Use the mineral spirits if you want a very thin paint which could also be used as a stain.

bird feeder restoration

birdfeeder makeover

Any artist oil paints will work, plain or fancy. We've even found large sets at Walmart for just $10 for experimenting with colors on wood. Here's a big set from Amazon, check the price at this link:

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During the restoration process, we used the bird feeder in this nativity scene at Christmas.

bird feeder nativity

By new year's eve, we had it back in the garden looking band new.

Bird Feeder with Artist Oil Paint

We added berry charms to the top of the feeder using tiny eye hooks and jump brings.

adding charms to a bird feeder resin berries

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Check the price of the painting supplies at the links below.

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— check out the step-by-step video here —

watch the video here

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