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Easy Bark Texture with Caulk!

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We updated three very bland flower boxes with brown caulk, chalk paint, and made the textures with an ordinary fork!

How to make bark texture from caulk

The results are wonderful … now our favorite containers outdoors.

Faux Bois with caulk

We fill them with flowers and twiggy branches and the look is rustic and enchanting.

Update flower window boxes

Here's what the boxes looked like before!

New Porch and Garden Flags

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Faux Bois the easy way

The caulk and chalk paint make this texture durable and waterproof.

Ash plus paint to make bark texture

The secret to the realistic finish is to brush wood ash onto the paint before it is dry.

Craft with caulk

Here's the exact brand of brown caulk we used: DAP Dynaflex Ultra from HomeDepot. They sell it on line by the case. However, you won't need a whole case (we used 2 tubes for 3 boxes) and we think any good brown caulk will do if you can't find it locally. Here's how you can buy brown caulk on Amazon …

Buy DAP brown caulk on line

We used a caulk gun to make lines in a grain pattern on the box. Our boxes were old and scratched. If you are using new boxes, you should sand them a bit to help the caulk stick.

We spread the caulk a bit with a putty knife and made lots of random textures with our plastic fork. We want to emulate a natural wood grain pattern. Scratch, dab, push, pull, and play with the caulk with a fork, or use any other disposable utensil you like.

Realistic Faux Bark Fake Wood Grain

To make knot holes (and you must have those!), make a circle of caulk with curved lines around it similar to the shape of a human eye. Texture the lines with a fork. The video (link at top of post) will show you how.

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Fake bark texture for your garden

Caulk does not tend to slump even when thick. We were able to layer the texture dramatically then turn the box and begin working on the rims. Heavily textured rims will make these boxes look like they are covered in real bark.

Chalk Paint Bark texture

Caulk dries very quickly, but we let ours cure for five days before painting it. The surface was dry but spongy. The paint and ashes will solidify the surface.

Mixing ashes in to chalk paint make your own

We've included color charts in our video for 5 brands of paint. We worked with Waverly Inspirations in Truffle, Ink, Mineral, Moss, and Maize. Our video charts will help you choose equivalent colors from Rustoleum, Annie Sloan, Dixie Bell, and Jolie. Any good chalk paint will work!

( Don't you just love the names companies choose for paints! )

How to make realistic bark effects

We painted every surface of the box except deep inside where the soil would go. We did a brown undercoat and brushed it liberally with ashes. Some ashes will drop off but a lot will bond into the surface and stick even in rainy weather.

More About Ash Paint Here

We loved the ashes so much for creating realistic bark, we used matte ModPodge to build up the ash layers for effect in a few places. Use ordinary ashes from a fireplace, fire pit, or BBQ.

Update your flower boxes

When dry, we brushed the ridges of the bark with light gray, followed by a bit of moss green, and then just a bit more light gray.

How to update your garden containers with faux bark texture

Use soft black paint and a small brush to color inside of holes, the center of the knot holes, and under most of the ridges. This will emphasize the 3D effect of the bark.

DIY bark flower window boxes

FIll with flowers and herbs, and natural twiggy branches and enjoy your display!

We truly love these boxes and are so glad they have a second life.

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— Stephie

video how to make faux bois bark texture with caulk

watch the full video

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