Growing sunflower sprouts on straw

WWe found these big sprouts prefer lots of light and air, so we moved them to nooks and crannies between the young veggie plants rather than keep them indoors. They seem to love growing in straw mulch, and turned out to be a great use of extra space early in the season.

Sunflower sprouts

One cup of seeds, without shells, soaked in a jar of water for two days …

… and in no time we had hundreds of sunflower sprouts to toss into the in-between spaces.

*Add a spray of water or a bit of rain, and they have been coming up luscious for days. What's not to love? These would work in a window box planter and they sprout right on top of a straw bale, but I like to cover them with at least a little bit of loose straw to protect them from birds.

Sprouts and nuts marinade

Sprouts in nut marinade

Per serving:
1 cup mixed sprouts
(this shows sunflower, radish, beet, malibar spinach, and parsley)
1 tsp. fruity olive oil
1 pinch of crushed red pepper seeds
2 tsp. golden raisins or dried berries
1 tbs. sunflower seeds, crushed almonds or pistachios

Mix sprouts, oil, raisins and seeds, season with red pepper and salt, and marinate for an hour or more at room temperature. May be refrigerated.