How to make a flower meadow, part 2
Autumn gardening

LLate summer, early autumn, is the time to gather wildflower seeds for your home garden—before winter weather can take its toll. Seeds gathered from stalks after weeks of winter weather can be devoid of life.

I've been gathering Queen Anne's Lace while the weather is still fair. It only takes a few minutes to gather seeds during a walk.


Queen Annes Lace Seeds

The Queen Anne's Lace flowers dry to charming bird's nest type shapes.

You can scatter your seeds in a garden right away or save them to scatter on top of snow where you want them to grow. Freezing in, or on, the soil helps many perennial seeds germinate.

Although many do not transplant well, we've had some success with planting seeds in pots and leaving them outside to sprout in the spring. Covering them with plastic can speed early growth when the weather warms. I always save more seeds to direct sow on the ground, in case the pot method fails.

Our seeds are being scattered on ground that is mostly bare, but dressed with a blanket of straw.


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Autumn gardening

Starting a meadow