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Killing Lantern Flies with a Shop Vac

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How to Kill Lantern Flies with a Shop Vac

We added about 1" of water to our wet-dry shop vac.

Vacuum to Kill Lantern Bugs

When we stopped we used masking tape on the opening, just in case!

Kill Lantern Flies Organically

Vacuuming works on adult flies too.

How to Vacuum Away Insect Pests

Lantern flies can't swim.

Easily Kill Lantern Bugs without Poison

USDA map showing hot spots for Lantern Fly infestations.

Vacuum Insect Pests Away

How to identify the Lantern Fly and catch them in the nymph stage.

How to Destroy Lantern Bugs

How to Get Rid of Lantern Bugs

They like to cluster, especially on the edges of objects.

How to Prevent Lantern Bugs

They hop quickly, but the vacuum catches quite a few.

Killing Lantern Bugs

The shop vacuum caught plenty, and handles dirt, water, and debris well too.

How to Vacuum Lantern Bugs

We focused on where the bugs clustered, then put the vacuum on a table so we could reach the top of the porch too.

Kill Lantern Bug Infestation

The vacuum did not hurt the foliage, but still removed the bugs.

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