Virtual Garden Tour Jeannie Rhodes
A Virtual Tour

by Jeannie Rhodes and Stephie McCarthy

She shed window box

Gardens come alive with focal points that are pretty or fun.
Jeannie Rhodes, a gardener in the Midwest, has a great eye for both!

Here's her garden layout:

Virtual Garden tour Jeannie Rhodes

Walking counter-clockwise around the garden,
the first stop is the amazing corncrib gazebo.
This is where you'll often find Elly Mae,
Jeannie's pug.

corncrib gazebo

Jeannie's husband didn't bat an eye when she told him
she wanted to move the corncrib to their property.

It looks so great in its rustic glory you can see
why they never regretted this project.

corncrib gazebo Jeannie Rhodes

Stones outline the base and the roof still has its
built-in roof ladder.

Corncrib Gazebo Jeannie Rhodes

The vent on top got a cheerful paint job which plays
well with wind socks like the this whimsical lighthouse on the right.

detail corncrib gazebo

Light pours through the space so Jeannie uses lots of
colored glass around the walls. It's perfect for displaying
collectible objects.

The gravel floors are a breeze to care for. Jeannie rakes
now and again to keep it looking good.

inside corncrib gazebo

A cluster of cobalt glass catches the light, matching the blue glider.

cobalt glass collection

enamelware and cobalt glass

Near the gazebo is Jeannie's planted brass bed frame.

Planted Bed Frame by Jeannie Rhodes

Lacy metal work outlines the shape of the bed. A blue glass
sphere accents the headboard. Using just one showy flower … in this
case coneflower/Echinacea, makes this a work of art instead of a
hodgepodge exhibition.

Jeannie Rhodes planted bed frame

Look how beautiful the ornate metalwork looks outlined in snow.

On the east side of the garden is Jeannie's tiny house "Tea Room."
Jeannie's visitors love this little house.

She shed tea room tea house

Jeannie keeps a selection of pretty hats and feather
boas on hand (and tutus for the little ones) for dress up.

painted mailbox cottage decor

window box cottage decor

The window boxes are one of the few places Jeannie uses
annual flowers. Most of the garden is easy-care perennials.

painted ironwork dining set

Have your refreshments outside or …

chandelier cottage she shed

under the crystal chandelier inside.

tea table cottage she shed

dining set cottage she shed

Warsaw Biblical Gardens

Next to the Tea Room is Jeannie's arbor shown with
American flag garland and surrounding art like virtual fireworks.

flag bunting on rustic arbor

Jeannie's gorgeous dish flowers truly match the surroundings.

dish flowers Jeannie Rhodes

cobalt dish flower Jeannie Rhodes

Colorful and fun-loving decorations need not overwhelm or look
like an after-thought as you can see.

multi color bottle tree

The outhouse works as a garden tool shed and has its own mailbox.

outhouse turned tool shed

Jeannie's husband helped her locate this wonderful MG motorcar
when they couldn't find an old VW bug.

planted MB car garden

It's one more area where Jeannie features annuals. The
car blends with the hosta bed while the annuals make it pop.

Here's a project Jeannie made using one of our
free bird patterns which you can download here:

free printable bird pattern Stephie McCarthy

In Jeannie's Words:

"I don't think I've ever had an original idea. I get ideas from others and incorporate them into my setting. There's a fine line between tacky and attractive. It seems to me that people either have a natural instinct for what looks great or they don't. I've gotten away from too much "cutesy" decorating ... bowling balls that look like cartoon characters, etc. Learning from magazines and Pinterest can help develop a person's personal style. Most people are instinctively drawn to what is pleasing to them when they look at pictures of gardens and other decorating sites."

Jeannie Rhode's Garden

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Jeannie Rhode's Garden

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