Cheerful posies —
Essential oils of herbs lift spirits as the seasons change

Autumn herbs and flower posy

IWe've been hauling in annual flowers, window boxes and pots, for about three days now to save them from the ravages of frost. Would you believe some of my annual plants are teenagers now? I have refused to let them freeze.

But today , as a way of saying goodbye to the many annuals we won't have space for, I made bunches of posies for tables, windows, and to give to friends.

Lavender, mint, basil, and other aromatic herbs will literally lift the spirits with the magic of essential oils. Flowers elevate the feeling of any room.

These mini bouquets should definitely be touched. Molecules from the essential oils of herbs and flowers will quickly enter your blood stream, raise energies and lighten moods, soon after they are touched an inhaled.

You can also add Autumn leaves, grasses, and vines to these treasures and tie them at the collar with romantic ribbons or raffia. Put them in a colorful mug and give them as a gift to anyone needing a lift.