Birdbath and Garden Ornaments with Real Lace


We combined two things we love, lace and our garden.

As delicate as icing sugar, this concrete birdbath appliqued with real crocheted lace is actually tough enough to stay outside most of the year.

The lace conforms to the curves and absorbs glue and chalk paint easily, bonding to the surface permanently.

You can do this craft on other surfaces, but concrete is particularly enjoyable to work with because it is so porous.

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This is the birdbath before, with a basket of cotton crochet pieces.

Doilies, clothes, tablecloths, any cotton crochet will work. The color is not important since we will chalk paint the finished design.

To cut crochet pieces, look for small links (single crochet) which are easy to snip.

To make a ring from a doily, remember that they are usually spirals — not circles. Cut slowly so that you'll be sure to follow the design correctly.

Use ordinary chalk to mark where you will place your designs.

We used Titebond glue and a 1-inch brush to attach our lace to the concrete. Be sure to blot away excess glue with a damp cloth so that it doesn't pool in your lace details.

You must reposition your pieces quickly because Titebond and other strong glues set in just a few minutes.

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This is our finished design. We've left lots of plain areas because this will contrast well with lace.

We began painting with a brush then switched to Behr Chalk spray paint. We used a toothbrush to work it into the lace so that it did not pool in the recesses.

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We finished with a brushed coat of Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint, Plaster Shade. Mixing shades of white … both spray and brush … will give you a realistic concrete look.

We think lace is lovely in white, but we had in mind a new antiquing method … our own invention!

We used artist chalks and Howards Feed-N-Wax to create our own antiquing medium.

We shaved the chalk with a serrated knife and mixed it with a bit of the oil from the Howards polish. The beeswax tends to stay on the bottom of the bottle so you can pour a bit of the oil from the top.

You can brush the tinted oil, wipe it back, and even finger paint on the surface. Because chalk paint, cotton, and concrete are porous, the oil will soak into the surface and dry within a few days.

We'll let the colors cure for at least 5 days before using ModPodge Clear Matte Spray to stabilize the chalk and when that's dry, brush a second layer of a matte concrete sealer to protect both colors and the texture.

On the second day outdoors, much of our oil color had already become permanent. The sealers will make it even more so. We'll bring the birdbath inside in winter to protect it from ice and snow.

This gnome wants to get in on the act! We've got some surprises in store for him and YOU!

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