Walnut, broccoli saute

deep green sauteWalnuts are always in our freezer. Buy them where there is high turnover so that they are are fresh and sweet. Combine two types of broccoli for a complex flavor and accent with golden raisins and red onion. We use a Green Gourmet skillet by Cuisinart (no Teflon to worry about).

Ingredients for two servings :

1 cup broccoli cut long way into narrow florets
1 cup broccoli raab (also called rabe or rapini) cut into florets
1/3 cup red onion chopped coarsely
1-2 Tbs. golden raisins
1/4 cup walnuts broken into bits
1 Tbs. olive oil

Salt to taste

Add olive oil to pan. Add red onion and sautée on medium-low heat until crisp-tender, 2-4 minutes. Rinse both types of broccoli together in a colander and add the wet pieces to the pan. The water from rinsing helps cook the vegetables with the minimum of fat or oil, but be careful of spatters. Sauté until vegetables are fork tender but still have a bit of crunch, adding raisins and walnuts towards the end of cooking time. Cook until raisins are plumped. Serve hot with a sprinkle of salt. Allow about 15 minutes to cook.

This is also a great to make a side dish using 2 cups of tender kale torn into bite sized pieces instead of broccoli.