Warm Tuscan greens

An Essentially Raw dish to satisfy carb-cravings, by Stephie McCarthy

DThese sturdy greens, chicory/curly endive, dandelion, or Tango lettuce, are flash-wilted in hot water for less than 60 seconds so that they remain colorful and enzyme rich. The key is to dry the greens thoroughly after wilting using kitchen towels, then season with classic Mediterreanen toppings.

Tuscan greens

Per serving:

2 packed cups of chicory or curly endive, or tango lettuce, whole or torn into small pieces. I usually remove the larger stems.
3/4 cup water
2 tsp. oil
Red pepper flakes

After wilting and drying, I love to add:

Flavored olive oil
10 reconstituted white raisins, soaked for an hour to plump, or a dash of sweetener
Crushed walnuts, or vegan Parmesan cheese


Heat water in a heavy pan to simmer stage, add oil. Drop greens into water and immediately turn off heat. Stir to wilt greens for 60 seconds, then pour into a collander to drain. Pat off excess water with towels. Serve hot with olive oil, salt, red pepper (raisins and walnuts if desired).

Tango lettuce


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