Sisters Trail Mix

NNative Americans planted corn and squash together and called them sisters. I wouldn't be surprised if wild tomatoes and sunflowers also grew nearby. Thus, I named this colorful, savory trail mix "Sisters Trail Mix" and it is a combination of —

1/2 cup pepita (green pumpkin seeds)
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup oil-dried zucchini and corn kernel mixture
(the organic frozen corn is the only one we use as it is so sweet)
1/4 cup dried cherry tomatoes.
6 tbs. green vegetable juice/water
Optional, dried-spiced sage leaves

Sisters trail mix

The cherry tomatoes take the longest to dehydrate, from 24 to 48 hours. Simply cut and half and dry on a non-stick sheet at 95 degrees until dry and crunchy.

To make spiced sage leaves, Soak leaves in a bowl of good vinegar for 30 minutes; I use rice vinegar, but apple cider and white wine would also be good. Reserve the vinegar for another use. Pat leaves dry and rub with olive oil on all sides. Arrange on parchment and sprinkle with cumin powder and a little salt, and other seasonings as desired. The salt flavor will intensify as leaves dry. Fold the parchment to keep the sage leaves flat, and dry between two screens in a food dryer, OR dehydrate for in a warm oven until crispy.
To make oil-dried zucchini, spread 1 cup of zucchini pulp along with 1 tbs. of oil (I use flax oil) on a non-stick sheet and dry overnight in a food dehydrator at about 95 degrees. For Sisters Trail Mix, toss 1/2 cup of frozen organic corn kernels to the zucchini and oil, before drying. I make zucchini pulp by putting chunks of zucchini in my blender with water, and processing for about 6 seconds. Strain and reserve the zucchini water—I always drink it for an energy boost.
To complete: Combine all of the dry ingredients (seeds, corn, zucchini, and tomato), toss with green juice in which salt has been dissolved (I use about a tsp. of salt—however, the intensity of salts will vary). Dry overnight in a dehydrator at about 95 degrees. Garnish with dried sage leaves.