Lime, avocado & hemp seed sushi

To make eight maki-style pieces, you'll need:

• 1 sheet of nori (I toast mine in a small oven about 1 minute)
• 1 medium avocado
• 6 tbs. hemp seed meal
• 1 small lime, use a tsp. in the filling, and the remainder in the dipping sauce
• romaine, Boston, or other tender green (must be dry)
• 1/4 cup fresh tomato strips, without juice or seeds
• 2 slender green onion leaves, or one large leaf cut length wise into strips
• Optional flax or sesame seeds for garnish, and edible flower garnish

For the dipping sauce, per eight maki-style pieces, stir together:
• 1/8th cup tamari or soy sauce
• 1 Tbs. of lime juice
• 1/2 tsp. chili garlic paste

Citrusy avocado-hemp sushi


Place the toasted nori sheet shiny side down on a wash cloth or sushi rolling mat. Cover completely with dry, tender greens or lettuce except for a 1 inch strip along one edge which will be used to seal the roll shut. It is important to keep your nori dry by using dry greens or lettuce between the nori and the avocado filling. Wet nori is tough to chew. Dry nori is tender. The lettuce in this recipe will keep the nori dry, until serving.

Mash avocado with hemp seeds, add 1 tsp. of lime juice, and whip with a fork until fairly smooth and spreadable. Press the filling over the entire surface of the lettuce, once again leaving the one inch strip on the end for sealing. I use a fork to press the filling onto the lettuce, making the whole layer about 1/4-inch thick.

Place tomatoes and onions along one edge of the avocado spread. Roll this end jelly-roll style, using the wash cloth or rolling mat to lift the nori into the rolling position. The tomatoes and onions will therefore be in the center of the roll. Let this rest on a cutting board while whisking together the dipping ingredients. Use a wet knife to cut the sushi into about eight pieces. I dry the knife, and re-wet it between cuts. Practice will help you learn to make uniform piecies. Dip a few of the pieces into small seeds, if desired, as a garnish.


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