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Savory Shiitake Hot-pot

An Essentially Raw meal-in-a-bowl that satisfies carb-cravings, by Stephie McCarthy

Shiitake hot-pot

I Greens and mushrooms tempered in hot broth for just 40 seconds are colorful, nutritious, and soften enough to substitute for Ramen and rice noodles. Shiitakes lose their spongy nature and endive/Tango lettuces stand up well when flash-wilted to combine with nut butter, salt and red pepper.

One serving:
6-8 medium fresh shiitake caps, broken into pieces
1-1/2 - 2 cups curly endive (chicory) or Tango lettuce, in pieces
1 tablespoon oil, sesame is a good choice, but any good oil will do
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1-1/2 cups of vegetable broth (I use ready-made Pacific Natural Foods brand)
For multiple servings, reduce broth to 1 cup per bowl.
Red pepper flakes
Peas and pepperWe love to add:
1/4 cup frozen peas
1/8th cup green onion, minced
Variations we like —
• Watercress or beet greens instead of endive or tango lettuce
• Add 1/2 chopped tomato and 1 tsp. ginger candy that has been soaked and rinsed
• tilapia or shrimp, the fresher the better
I've tried Shiitake Hot-pot with both miso and tahini butters, but prefer almond butter with these greens. You may find that some greens will impart a lemon flavor. ~

PPlace frozen peas, onions, and other veggies (except endive and shiitakes) into serving bowls. Heat broth in a heavy pan to simmer; alternatively, you can use plain water and add a concentrated broth at the end. I use a Cuisinart Green Gourmet skillet for this. When broth is simmering, add oil, shiitakes and endive/Tango lettuce. This will immediately drop the temperature of the broth. Stir in almond butter for 40 seconds, just long enough to wilt the greens and firm the shiitakes. Immediately pour into serving bowls, over the peas and onions, and season with salt and red pepper.

Almond butter

Heaven sent: Curly endive (chicory) and tango lettuces
A cure for my carb-cravings

TTangoThese sturdy greens, lightly wilted or added to soup, have cured my cravings for carbs which I fueled for years with Top Ramen and Mediterranean pasta dishes. I prefer Tango lettuce because it is both buttery and sturdy when wilted. Tango is sometimes available through Trader Joe's but can be hard to find. We have begun to grow it in cool seasons because it is so great in place of pasta. Curly endive (chicory) is tougher and more bitter than Tango, but stands up well to wilting and is very filling, like pasta. If you like these greens wilted, try this recipe for basic Warm Tuscan greens.


Garden grown Tango


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