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L I crave dill pickles with one of my favorite summer meals: Sunburgers with home made toppings. This recipe is for fresh, French-inspired, cucumbers with no scary no additives. They are easy to make from farmer's market or fresh from the vines in the summer. Look for cucumbers that are small and knubby. They are usually winners for making pickles. (I tried to grow my own, but beetles had their way with them). Slice them as thick or as thin as you like.

Mustard dills

I used herbs from my garden, plus the ratio of:
1 cup water, to
1 cup vinegar (you can also use lemon, lime, or a bit of kefir water),
and 1 Tbs. salt

Make enough cups of the above liquid to cover sliced cucumbers in a glass jar. Taste it, because you can use a different ratio if you prefer, or even some lemon or lime juice if you like. Tuck in a few herbs and refrigerate (I used garden dill). The next day you can taste your pickles and add more seasonings. In fact you can keep changing the flavor as long as you use them which is about 4 days, at which time you can use the liquid for a new batch of pickles, cucumber or other crisp vegetables.

The batch of pickles show above were seasoned with:
• 2 tsps. plain yellow mustard from a jar
• sweetener (I used a combination of xylitol and stevia drops)
• even more herbs, because they look so elegant in the jar!

You can season them on the plate when you serve them, or add seasonings over time to the pickling liquid which you keep cold and can re-use for new batches. Never two batches the same, which is always fun! Just of few of the herbs and spices you can play with: mint, basil, garlic, mustard seeds, fennel, coriander, pepper flakes or peppercorns, bay, and the list seems almost endless.


Now I have these with Sunburgers and "the works". The works in my case being vegan cheese and sweet marinara with dill pickles on the side.


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