Mini cheesecake molds from recycled containers
Re-purpose, recycle

TYUM cake!Making frozen desserts for your loves this Valentines Day?

*Instead of one large dish, try these easy MINIATURE cheesecakes! With these quick-to-make molds, any good frozen dessert recipe can be adapted for the occasion.

You don't need special spring-form pans to make mini cheesecakes. We recycled plastic containers and their lids and the technique worked wonderfully. You can make these molds any diameter that strikes your fancy. For Thanksgiving, we used 2-cup containers in which cashews were sold, and formed them to hold about one cup each.

CoconutHere's how to make 2-cup plastic containers into mini cheesecase molds:

1. Cut the plastic container straight down one side
2. Cut off the bottom of the container
3. Shape the sides of the mold into a circle the diameter you like, and hold in place with masking tape
4. Tape the circle to the lid which will now be the bottom of the mold. Use about 4 pieces of tape and try not to leave gaps between the sides and the bottom.
5. Coconut can be used in the bottom of the molds to prevent the crust sticking
Cookie Crusts6. Press your crust into the bottom of the mold
7. Place prepared molds on a tray that will fit in the freezer
8. Pour in your cheesecake mixture carefully so that they don't leak. Don't worry if they leak a bit. These still look great when defrosted!
9. Freeze until solid
10. When ready to serve, pop off the sides of the mold and remove all the masking tape, and place the lid on a dessert plate
11. Allow about an hour to defrost before garnishing and serving.