Tender cabbage "noodle" with pecan & parsley pesto

Hot water takes the "sting" out of this fresh garlic and cabbage dish, while preserving the magic of keeping it raw. Serve with veggie cutlet if you're a vegan, or light seafood such as sautéed shrimp. We gave this dish high marks for taste and texture, and love it for its powerful cancer prevention ingredients.

Cabbage "noodles" with pecan & parsley pesto

Ingredients for 2 large servings:

1/3 of a fresh cabbage chopped or shredded
1 clove of garlic, crushed and chopped
1/2 cup of pecans
1/2 cup packed, Italian parsley
1/2 cup olive oil
sea salt

Put a large pot of water on high heat. Just before boiling when bubbles are rising to top, turn off heat and let the pot steam and cool about 5 minutes. Shred or chop cabbage and place in a sieve. Crush garlic cloves with mallet, chop, and place in a second, smaller sieve.

Pour 2 cups of the hot water over garlic and let drain. Add to food processor.

Pour remaining hot water over cabbage, let drain. Press with spoon to remove water.

Process garlic, pecans, and parsley leaves in a food processor, slowing adding the olive oil in a stream, until a thick pesto forms.

Lightly mix the cabbage with the pesto, and season with sea salt.