Broccoli antipasto

My usual criteria for a recipe is that it be healthy, fast, and flavorful. I rely heavily on staples and pantry items, since most evenings I have about 30 minutes to get dinner together. This antipasto is colorful and goes together amazingly fast—in about the time it takes to bake a pizza for MM, grill a fish for me, and still have time to set the table. For gourmet gatherings, you can easily upgrade this by using fresh mozzarella and home-made dijon dressing with fresh herbs. Here's what to use for two large servings:

The basic five ingredients are:Broccoli Antipasto

3/4 cup chopped tomato
1/8 cup seedless, chopped black olives (I use Greek olives cut with scissors)
1/4 cup chopped low-fat mozzarella (I use 2 sticks of string cheeses, again cut with scissors) [OR chopped Brazil nuts or other fresh nuts)
1-1/4 cup of the tender top-most part of broccoli (I use the top inch of the flowers)

Italian dressing to taste (I use ready-made low-fat dressings to save time, about 2 Tbs.) Also good to add: Just about any colorful delicious vegetable like chopped pepper or celery.

Shown here, this dish with an addition of fresh baby spinach and grilled mushrooms with shallots and garlic.