Pets and the wild world around us



We are parents to 7 pets, and as new-comer "city slickers" to the Blue Ridge mountains, we've been really inspired by the wildlife in our area, in the skies, rivers, and woodlands. We support the wonderful people who help protect, and the angels who give their lives to rehabilitate injured wildlife.


Saline rinse for eyes, noses, and ear flaps ...


WI sometimes clean our animal's faces with contact lens fluid, or
home made saline solution. It's great for eyes, nose, and ear flaps with a cloth wetted with this mixtures:

• 1/4 cup water (distilled or boiled is good)
• 1/8th tsp of salt (like a nice pure cooking or kosher salt)

You can taste it and try it on your own eye to make sure it's mild enough, and doesn't sting.
Dip a fresh wash cloth in this solution and use to clean around your pet's eyes, nose and the outside of their ears. (Great for human faces too!)


Wheatgrass is a treat

Wheatgrass Cat

WWheatgrass is popular with all of our cats, but especially this one (who is squeezing her head under my hand as I type this).

After getting hooked on wheatgrass tea, I realized why they love it so ... it's slightly minty when cut!


Dolphin memories

dolphin Stephie McCarthy

from The Barefoot Sisters Walking Home, Lucy and Susan Letcher

M"I swim with dolphins ... The house was right on the coast, and I'd go down the cliffs and dive in and just swim out as far as I could ... At first the dolphins wouldn't get close to me. It was like they were teasing me ... they'd come around behind me, and jump out of the water, and then they'd stay just out of reach, always swimming away from shore.
One time I got so angry that I couldn't reach them. I just kept swimming after them as hard as I could, and they stayed maybe twenty feet away, just going slowly out to sea. After about an hour I could feel my strength going, and I looked back, and the shore was just barely visible.
I knew I wouldn't make it back there. I turned around and I started swimming but I was sinking ... and then I felt the dolphins all around me. One of them came up underneath me and helped me float ... they came around me, five or six of them, and they all turned and took me back to shore ..."


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) skin rescue for people and pets

Joe and Smiley


Meet Joe and Smiley, puddle sitters, river runners, and belly floppers, both. This kind of long hair on a dog tends to trap moisture which can cultivate parasites, leading to itching, biting, scratching and possible infections. When our pets fall prey to skin irritation during the dog-days of summer, I now reach for the apple cider vinegar to cure the itch before it can lead to broken skin or complications.

Joe got a dip in a warm bath with two cups of ACV, plus an after bath splash of undiluted straight to the belly.

Smiley is getting regular treatments, once or twice a day, of undiluted straight to the belly.

Life is much calmer now!

By the way, ACV does wonders for curing athlete's foot on humans too! I learned this from one of my favorite websites

You do not need premium ACV for this type of application. Any ordinary type will do.

And don't worry about the odor, it goes away soon.