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Recycle, re-purpose
Stackable storage for veggies

COur supermarket sells plastic boxes of lettuce, peppers, and sprouts. The boxes are great for keeping the produce looking good, but we've found the vegetables and mushrooms sold without boxes have more flavor. Now we get the best of both worlds by saving & recycling the containers … (read more).

stackable boxes for veggies


Quick & easy cilantro cleanse and my Late-night cilantro ice

CCilantro juice is much less astringent and bitter than whole fresh leaves. If you avoid the herb in cuisine because of its potent taste, you may find the fresh juice much easier to swallow, and it is quick and easy to make. Also called coriander and Chinese Parsley, cilantro has an abundance of health-building properties. Its ability to remove toxic metals such a mercury from dental amalgams was the focus of a study by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura. (read more)

Cilantro Girl

Trojan horse candy

TTrojan horse candy gets its name from the theory that greedy cancer and candida cells will consume the sweet maple syrup in the mixture and be destroyed by the baking soda with which it is blended. In other words, it's a ambush for bad entities disguised in something delicious.

Does it work? I have no idea. But I've tried it and do like the Earthy, salt-water-taffy sweetness of this blend and it couldn't be easier to make. (read more)




romaine lettuce tea — powerful, and calming

IIt is warming and calming, and non-habit forming. Best of all, I found it to be non-drowsy. It relaxes muscles and soothes the nerves. (read more)

Romaine Tea



A simple remedy for seasonal blues

… a quick way for cheering and brightening up on dark days. (read more)

Candle Lantern