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Fly away with me


I cut these bird shapes out of aluminum pie pans and have here and there, flying about the, through wire fences and such. Read more …


Virginia Creeper and Morning glories … turned bird's nests …


Article by Sue Langley at FleaMarketGardening.org


My Wily Cat: I have a bunch of these that really get a lot of laughs on a Christmas tree …

Wily Cats


This shape is easy to replicate with any fuzzy fabric. Dry brush on arcrylic paint an watch me do it in a video ! read more here.


Mixed-media Santa
Recycle a doll and some soft-quilted sweaters

Santa banner

RI could see this Santa in my head and pulled the pieces together really quick (read more)


Some of my favorite Flea Market Garden Christmas pieces ~

Flea Market Gardening Christmas

Bling angels, Christmas ornaments

Bling Angel

FI still love these little angel dolls out of my Christmas boxes, and remembering how I had saved the crystals since childhood. Some of the blink even belonged to my grandmother … for these unique ornaments. (read more)


Luna`s witch hat

VMini witch hat that went together in a snap and has provided endless fun for me and this cat, ever since she was a kitten. All you need is fabric , glue, feathers, and pipe cleaners. With some dollar store headbands, you can decorate combine them with long~legged mini pumkins for desk or table top. … (read more)