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Choosing a paint color using Photoshop

(a Photoshop tutorial)

IImagine taking a jar of butternut squash soup to a paint store to find the perfect shade of gold. It was a good idea I thought, at the time ( it wasn't actually me) ... and the painted dining room was fabulous, BUT... now days we can take an easier route and play with paint colors in Photoshop. This has REALLY saved me a lot of time and money in decorating, and is easier than carrying around soup.

Mantle colors

Old versions of Photoshop work just fine for this type of craft, PLUS a photo of whatever it is you want to paint. The picture of above is the corner of a fireplace mantel I am painting. You can see on the left a clipboard picture of the fireplace that was generated by Photoshop. It's coming out really good, I think!

Stephie Painting Parlor

Here's the nook to the left of the fireplace above. I chose the butter-color trim (I actually named it honeysuckle), and the old-gold wall paint using Photoshop. This Photoshop design work is documented here, if you'd like to learn this high-tech way of choosing paint colors!


Three ways to keep paint brushes soft
For water-based paints (read more)

I love this idea!

II learned to paint from my grandmother! She didn't go out of her way to teach me, but she was so inspiring as she constantly beautified her little world, like a creative sprite, with lots of glorious fresh paint. She knew how to make life beautiful with what she had. I think grandma would like this tip for keeping paint brushes soft, fresh, and ready to fly .... (read more)


Wicker bench rehab, with multi-color paints (read more)

wicker bench

Tropical colors swimming together add up to one of my favorite color combinations, read more about this color blending technique on wicker here.


Santa doll

Christmas crafts from a new country girl

• Angel ornaments

• Cat, felt ornament

Ornament storage from recycle wrappings

Santa doll, mixed media