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There was a Lady who dreamed of a new life in the country.
That Lady was me. — Stephie


© Stephie McCarthy

I once lived in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Fine for work as a graphics designer. Terrible for meeting "Mr. Right."

I had neighbors named Steve and Donna — total love birds — who had a way of looking at each other, melting into each other’s eyes, talking excitedly about the future, best friends who enjoyed each other's company. Their lives were one long honeymoon.

One night they unrolled blueprints for a house. They planned to escape the suburbs to build a rambling dream house near the ocean. I wanted to find true love … like they did … and move to the country too. They were caught up in their romantic dreams and said,

"Go where you want to live and then you'll find true love."

I’m sure they never thought their words were like a key dropped into my hand by a friendly robin, like the story “The Secret Garden.”

©Stephie McCarthy

I put my townhouse on the market, pretty much the next day. I might never meet Mr. Right, but if I moved to the country, at least part of my heart's desire would come true.

This is something important I’ve learned since then …You know the old saying by Goethe?

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Those are golden words that reveal hidden doors in the walls to secret gardens of our dreams.

© Stephie McCarthy

In just a few days, while I searched in earnest for a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains I met my future husband who had relocated from Colorado one year earlier.

Faith — putting my house up for sale and moving to the country — turned my life around. Patrick and I were married within a year and are living happily ever after in a small town in the country.

Faith works miracles.

´*•.¸ Stephie ¸.•*´

© Stephie McCarthy

It's never an easy thing to write about yourself, but it's a bit easier to post photos from years of documenting my life.

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It dawned on me that creating beauty in my home and garden was a way of reconnecting with my childhood … especially with my Grandmother, Ruth.

Inspiration for home and garden from Grandmothers

My grandmother's garden and home were heavenly to me. She was a beacon of love to my entire family. Visting my first humble garden once, she asked me to plant a Peace Rose to remind me of her. Is there a flower or plant that reminds you of the "beacon of love" in your life?

The Secret Garden illustration

The books we read as children also weave their magic into our imaginations and desires,
don't you agree? Here's a little more about me …



My life is amazing, and also very ordinary.



My brother Marty was Batman and I was Batgirl.
Our dad told us he was Superman, so
this was bound to happen.
As years went by, I believed I could sing well enough
to join The Beatles.


My fifth grade teacher told my mom
with some disgust, "She thinks she's going
to write music with Elton John!"

My mom said, "It could happen!"


(It still could happen! Elton, are you there?)


I didn't know I could draw when I first started out.
I only knew I would try.


Heart Collage by Stephie McCarthy

I believe that if you look a little like Hieronymus Bosch
it can only help.

Steph Bosch

I call my town "Little Dimple, West Virginia" and
I work as an illustrator pretty much every day …
every day when I'm not restoring
a 200 year old house with my husband.
Roofing, scraping, painting, cleaning …
you get the idea!


I do lots of ordinary things
like pulling weeds and washing dishes
taking care of cats and dogs.

But I still think I could be a rock star …


About my Old House Studio

click on the door for a few photos of this project …

Old House Door


A little bit more…

3 Ball wand

Whenever I design a craft, I strive to make it as
original as possible and something I'd like to
have in my own house or garden.
In other words, something any rock star would love!

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