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I'm an illustrator and designer
who never gets tired of fairy tales or anything botanical.
Meet my border collie, Jesse. He's one year old.


I post every Sunday on the FaceBook page, Flea Market Gardening

Our Chief Gardening Officer is Sue Langley of Sierra Foothills Garden in California. My mountain garden sister!

Maggie Langley

Maggie Langley (Sue's garden companion … )

I am also so lucky to get to create the monthy
Facebook banner for the group
… read about how I design fun banners and my job in Wonderland …

Heart Collage by Stephie McCarthy

I love vintage and rustic homes and gardens.

Here's "Greg to my Dharma."


This is Max …


Luna Bisque (rhymes with tuna fisk) …


… and Margeaux who knows all the secrets …
… and she never tells them!



About my Old House Studio

Growing up , I spent lots of summer in gardens, looking through wallpapers books and loving the rivers and mountains of the Blue Ridge.

Old House Door

So a few years ago, I bought an old house to fix up in our spare time.
It's on a hill with a view of a Colonial village.


The bird bush across the street …


You might see me up in one of these windows …


Or in my spare time polishing, patching, painting …


Taking photos of the few corners that are now photographable …


Reality behind the scenes … a lot less polished!


One rainy, cold day I decided to decoupage artwork onto these decrepit shelves to cheer myself up … now this view makes me happy every time I open this cellar door.


Fixing up an old house takes hard work and determination.
If you're creative and focused, you may LOVE it.


A little bit more…

3 Ball wand

I always try to come up with unusual crafts
that I haven`t seen before … like this 3 ball magic wand…